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Interplast Staff

Prue Ingram

Chief Executive Officer

Prue Ingram has been the CEO of Interplast since October 2011. She initially qualified as a speech pathologist and after working in this area for a number of years, subsequently had over 25 years’ experience in managing teams and projects in the health, public service and community sectors. Her experience across a range of areas including the disability sector, combined with a strong interest in the Asia Pacific region, makes Interplast a great place for her to be.

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Cameron Glover  Deputy CEO

Connie Monteleone  Executive Assistant


International Programs Team

Jess Hill  Program Manager

Thomas Loporto  Senior Program Activities Coordinator

Laura Nicholson  Program Activities Coordinator

Lindsay Morton  Program Activities Coordinator

Leonie Simmons  Equipment and Supplies Coordinator

Zoe Martin  Equipment and Supplies Assistant

Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Team

Genevieve Globke  Communications Coordinator

Ana Galvez   Rotarian Coordinator

Dinushka Vethavanam  Fundraising Coordinator

Isabella Muto  Donor Insights and Analytics Officer


Finance Team

Peter Huggan  Finance Manager

Alison Chan  Finance Assistant

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